Voronoi, Johnson-Mehl and Laguerre tessellations

Before being integrated to the general CraFT package, a beta version of the codes for generating digital images of Voronoi, Johnson-Mehl and Laguerre tessellations is proposed in a separate package.

This package contains two codes:

  • xyzt: which creates a table of positions of sites (also called “seeds”) of the tessellation to be created,
  • tsl: which creates an image of the tessellation from a table of site positions.

To download the package, press the button: 

For more details on the method used, see:

Moulinec H. A simple and fast algorithm for computing discrete Voronoi, Johnson-Mehl or Laguerre diagrams of points, Adv. Eng. Softw., 170, 2022, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.advengsoft.2022.103150.